Who do you see?

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Notes on leadership: Part 2 "I’m the head of this organization. I have to embody the mission or else I’m just a hypocrite." The statement stands out as one of the most powerful that I’ve heard in a coaching session. The person had been hired to turn around an organization

Your way or mine?

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Notes on leadership: Part 1 The opportunity to work with people who run different kinds of organizations has been a highlight of being a consultant as well as a coach. Engaging with leaders as they envision the future, respond to situations and make decisions has underlined for me that people express leadership in

Open-source tech for nonprofits

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All you need to know to get started with open-source technologies. Many nonprofits in India are using technology to solve their problems. From basic and easily accessible tools to sophisticated tracking and analytics software, these solutions are helping organisations try innovative approaches to old problems. Through our work at Project Tech4Dev, a collaborative