Two myths about organisation culture, and what to do about them

2022-03-15T17:48:30+05:30By |

'Culture' is a term that nonprofits are using more and more. But what exactly is organisation culture? And how can it help attract, engage, and retain employees? The term ‘organisation culture’ has gained popularity because leaders at all kinds of organisations understand that culture is linked to impact, performance, and well-being.

Climate philanthropy in India is still very niche – and we need to change that!

2021-10-21T15:59:21+05:30By |

In early 2020, the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and that has understandably dominated all discourse since. Conversations around climate action also reoriented towards COVID-related issues. In our work over the last few months, we have heard about the urgency of responding to areas of convergence in philanthropy,