Privacy Policy

Use of Information Collected

Svarya doesn’t make money from ads. So we don’t collect data in order to advertise to you. The tracking we do is to make our website work as well as possible. We use the information you give us in the following ways.:

  • To email you with news and information about Svarya and our work, but only if you have agreed to this.
  • To make sure you are receiving the most appropriate and relevant information for you.
  • To find out more about you and the people who are visiting our website.

Privacy of our email lists

Individuals who join our mailing lists via our website or through our othercampaigning engagements are added to our email database. We do not sell, rent, loan, trade, or lease the addresses on our lists to anyone.

Cookie Policy

  • Cookies are pieces of electronic information which will be sent by Svarya when you use our website. These are meant to enhance your experience of using the website. Cookies will be placed in your computer’s hard disk and enable us to recognise you as a user when you next visit and personalize content for you.
  • You can configure your browser so that it responds to cookies the way you deem fit. For example, you may want to accept all cookies, reject them all or get notified when a cookie is sent. Please check your browser’s settings to modify cookie behaviour as per your individual behaviour.
  • Please note that if you disable the use of cookies on your web browser or remove or reject specific cookies from our website or linked sites then you may not be able to use the website as it is intended.
  • Cookies set by the website owner or service provider (in this case, Svarya) are called ‘first party cookies’. Cookies set by parties other than the website owner are called ‘third party cookies’. Third party cookies enable third party features or functionality to be provided on or through the website or service you are using (such as interactive content and analytics). The third parties that set these third-party cookies can recognise your computer both when it visits the website or service in question and also when it visits certain other websites or services.
  • Some third-party services that we use, such as Google Analytics, may place their own cookies in your browser. This Privacy Policy covers use of cookies by Svarya only and not the use of cookies by third parties.

External Web Services

The Svarya website contains links to other websites for the benefit of its visitors. This Privacy Policy does not apply to such other websites. Svarya is not expressly or impliedly responsible for, or liable to any loss or damage caused to you by the collection, use and retention of Personal Information by such website in any manner whatsoever. It is important that you review the privacy policies of all websites you visit before you disclose any information to such websites.


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